Wellness is “an active process of becoming aware of – and making choices toward – a more successful existence.”

Our Mission

“To help employees become healthier and more educated about health decisions they make on a daily basis.”

employee benefits
employee benefits

Why Attentive Health & Wellness?

The Attentive Health & Wellness SIMERP™ plan improves the employer’s benefit package for employees. The plan enhances the benefits offered to employees by providing a superior wellness program with incentives for participation, retention and compliance.


Participation in the SIMERP™ wellness program results in tax savings that fund the employee’s wellness reserve account. The employee can then use the wellness reserve to elect additional ancillary insurance products.

What is a Self Insured Medical Expense Reimbursement Program (SIMERP™) with a Wellness Emphasis?

A SIMERP™ is an employer sponsored workplace program that provides employees the opportunity to upgrade their benefit package with a certified wellness program while reducing both the employer’s and employee’s health care costs and expenditures.

Our SIMERP™ Wellness Program

Our SIMERP™ wellness program is a health plan-related participation only wellness plan. This means all the employee has to do is participate.
They do not have to achieve a particular health or wellness goal.